What Is Bitcoin Gold?

Bitcoin Gold is assertively finding its place in the cryptocurrency markets with the motto" Make Bitcoin decentralized again".


Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is a cryptocurrency created after the Bitcoin hard fork occurred on October 24, 2017 in block 419406. Under the short name Bitcoin Gold, BTG basically changed bitcoin's proof of work algorithm from SHA-256 to Equihash. EquiHash is also used by the cryptocurrencies Ethereum, zCash, Zencash, and Hush, and excavated by graphics cards (GPUs). In terms of Bitcoin Gold, this means the expansion of home mining.

What is BTG?

Jack Liao, cited as the head of BTG, is also the CEO of LightningASIC. The Hong Kong-based company digs Litecoin and makes cryptocurrency devices. Among them is a mining unit with multiple GPUs, and of course it is no accident that the company has 913 units of these devices in stock. So having Bitcoin Gold on the market benefits Lightningasic from 2 deficits: the company can both”dig " the new altcoin and sell its own devices to miners. In a nutshell, Bitcoin Gold also benefits from commercialism. For this, we can look at the example of Bitcoin Cash. BTG was expected to start trading at a lower value compared to BCH because BTG has less support from miners, companies and the group we can call Core-counter.

Bitcoin Gold News

According to reports, given that Russian and Japanese miners will also land in the field for 2020, it can be said that “Make Bitcoin Decentralized Again”, the motto of Bitcoin Gold, inspired by Trump's election motto “make America Great Again”, will come to life, at least in theory.

The Future Of Bitcoin Gold

Although Bitcoin Gold was initially announced to regulate the ICO, the exit plan went through many changes and left followers confused. On the other hand, the market doesn't really need Bitcoin Gold. If BTG had not benefited from the image of Bitcoin and been marketed as another Equihash currency, it probably would not have caught the attention of some. Perhaps the only reason Bitcoin Gold is of interest to cryptocurrency investors is that it will be distributed free to bitcoin owners. In the future, if bitcoin owners look negatively at Bitcoin Gold and sell immediately, we will need Bitcoin Gold very much.

Bitcoin Gold Reviews

Bitcoin Gold is superior to Bitcoin Cash in terms of developers and technical terms. Bitcoin Cash supports Bitcoin Gold SegWit, which opposes the rise of SegWit. This means that Bitcoin Gold can use Bitcoin enhancements such as Lightning Network. Although BTG is thought to be able to replace BCH in the long term, it seems low as there is a need to make a serious impact on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Gold Price

1 Bitcoin Gold is trading at $ 8,362 at the time our software was prepared. Bitcoin gold market capitalization i.e. $ 181 million market capitalization BTG coinmarketcap 52 of the list of cryptocurrencies. it takes place during the turmoil. 17.5 million of 21 million BTG are in circulation as of one.

Bitcoin Gold Chart

As you can see from the Bitcoin Gold chart below, the all-time record in the BTG cryptocurrency chart view was recorded at $ 447 by the end of 2017.

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