Centre of attraction for entrepreneurs: Estonia

Centre of attraction for entrepreneurs: Estonia


In recent years, it is possible to establish a company in electronic environment, especially in Estonia, which has been nominated to be one of the IT centers of Europe. From mobile applications, Enterprise Resource Planning Software, social networks and finance software, the thousand startup project is now being opened from Estonia to the world.

In this article, I will talk more about those who want to start a company in Estonia, company classes and application stages for creating an electric company. The company creation process is accelerated by simplifying it as much as possible, it is possible to apply to set up shire within a few hours after making all the preparations. You can make all applications electronically by yourself or through a notary. I will also try to briefly explain in which cases you should choose both. I think Estonia can be a valuable investment alternative for Startup entrepreneurs.

How To Establish An Electric Company In Estonia?

To set up a company in Estonia, you must first fill out the appropriate forms and select the right company class based on the investment capital and the number of employees. You can determine this choice based on the size and capital of your company.

There are 2 methods to set up a company in Estonia

You can set up a company in Estonia via electronic application. "E-Commercial Register's Company Registration", that is, there is a system that we can also call online company registration creation.

Another method is to carry out transactions through a notary.

You can also create your commercial record with these 2 methods. But by choosing the electronic application method, you can make operations faster and easier.

When setting up a company with electronic application in Estonia;

Electronic company registration is the most convenient,most convenient and fastest method. To register on the Online company registration portal (ID card or mobile ID card),you must have a digital signature. ( This is required in all company applications.),

In the electronic application, the founders of the company and everyone named in the signature circular must have a digital signature.

On the Electronic Company Registration Portal, you can create a private limited company, General Partner Companies , Limited Partnership, individual companies or non-profit companies. But it is not possible to establish commercial associations or publicly traded companies through an electronic portal.

After entering the names, company names and detailed information of all founders on the Online company registration portal, application fees must be paid. The ratios of shareholders from the company's partnership structure must also be specified. In an Online application, you can also apply for registration of the company without investing in the company's capital. It is possible to specify the relevant capital capital later.

Before applying, it is worth reminding you again that in order to apply, you must have a digital signature, ID card, or Mobile ID. It is possible to make an application within 1-2 hours, but I recommend that you take 1 day to avoid making mistakes.

Establishing A Company In Estonia Through A Notary

In what cases should we choose to set up a company in Estonia using a notary instead of applying electronically directly?

• If any of the company's partners will provide labor support instead of capital, for example, software, equipment, etc.

• Lack of digital signature of company founders

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