SFP Coin sets record: Binance's listed SFP Coin rises 13-fold

SFP Coin entered the market with exactly a sensational record.


Binance Launchpad's latest project, SafePal, SFP Coin, debuted today with a record. Binance Launchpad SFP Coin with a sale price of 0.10 USD is trading at $ 1.37 as of the time of writing this article. This indicates that the cryptocurrency, which has just entered the market, has gained more than 1,300%.

This above 1,300% increase in the price of SFP coins within 24 hours shows how much Binance's Launchpad projects can achieve. The Launchpad projects that Binance cryptocurrency exchange re-implemented in 2019 have achieved incredible rises, especially at first.

But the Coronavirus outbreak in 2020 and the gradual discrediting of altcoins have extinguished interest in Binance Launchpad projects. In particular, the incredible rise of the DeFi sector has led to the lagging of Launchpad projects such as SFP Coin.Binance can now draw attention to new Launchpad projects with the success of SFP coin.

What is SFP Coin?

SFP Coin was launched as the own cryptocurrency of safepal cryptocurrency wallet provider. Users will be able to use SFP coins for Staking if they want, transaction fee discount if they want, or discount on wallet purchases. SFP Coin, of which Binance is also among its investors, may remain on the agenda for some time, especially after the success of Trustwallet's cryptocurrency.

Binance's investment and support brought Trustwallet's cryptocurrency, TWT, a record. The fact that SFP is broader and more comprehensive as an ecosystem increases the chances of this.

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