In 2019, worldwide, private-sector artificial intelligence investment exceeded $ 70 billion, according to the artificial intelligence Index 2019 Report


In 2019, worldwide, private-sector artificial intelligence investment exceeded $ 70 billion, according to the artificial intelligence Index 2019 Report. The same report shows that attendance at artificial intelligence conferences has also increased by 30 per cent year-on-year. Looking at these figures, 2019 is a year in which artificial intelligence, the trend technology, has become widespread as predicted. On the other hand, research shows that the trend in 2020 will be artificial intelligence.

It is predicted that companies going beyond 2020 and adopting an 'AI-first' approach will opt for artificial intelligence technologies on many issues. This technology will play an effective role in solving problems, developing better business processes and improving customer experience for almost any organization, especially within the framework of digital transformation strategies that will be accelerated by 5G technology.

Artificial Intelligence Will Significantly Improve Not Only The Customer But Also The Employee Experience

CBOT founder and CEO Mete Aktaş, who made important assessments on developments in the field of artificial intelligence in 2020, said: “2019 was a year when artificial intelligence technologies were on the rise and research in this field gained momentum. In 2020, this research will be replaced by implementation and production. In 2020, artificial intelligence will significantly improve not only the customer experience but also the Employee Experience (EX). The ability to automatically and instantly collect, analyze and take action across multiple channels will enable call center employees to handle customer demands more quickly, easily and accurately, and deliver satisfactory solutions."he says.

Artificial intelligence will be the locomotive of retailers ' marketing methods in 2020

According to Mete Aktaş, retail is one of the sectors where artificial intelligence technology will be most used and increase its impact in 2020. ” Artificial intelligence will be the engine of retailers 'marketing methods in 2020, “said Aktaş:" this technology, previously preferred for collecting and classifying data in general, will play an important role in customizing the customer experience by processing this data in the retail sector in 2020 and beyond. Many retailers will bring information from artificial intelligence-based applications into tradable shape for pricing, supply chain and merchandising. By 2020, retail companies using artificial intelligence will both automate their business processes (such as employee management, IT service management or compliance regulation management) and manage their stores seamlessly and efficiently, providing better inventory and delivery management. Artificial intelligence-based chatbots and virtual assistants will also make customer management easier. We predict that 70% of retail companies will have virtual assistants by the end of 2020”

“We have seen a significant transformation in the banking and insurance sectors in 2019, " said Mete Aktaş, who added that artificial intelligence will continue its rise in the banking and insurance sectors in 2020. Companies operating in this area are now aware that artificial intelligence is the sine qua non to significantly improve the customer experience and ensure that their products are personalized. Experts involved in research in the industry say artificial intelligence-based technologies; they think it will improve operational processes by 37% and customer-oriented processes by 47% over the next 3 years. In addition, 80% of experts estimate that in the next 5 years, customers will prefer virtual assistants for service acquisition. On the other hand, in the banking field where we have strong references, artificial intelligence-based virtual assistants will be more preferred in 2020.”